Indiana Limestone Company Pavers: Tested to Prove Their Durability

May 09

Especially in residential applications, many hardscape and landscape designs require pavers to be installed over compacted aggregate. Indiana Limestone Company is the first to test the durability of their paver products installed over compacted aggregate. “We’re very excited to have partnered with a third-party lab to do testing to ensure durability of our pavers over a properly compacted aggregate base,” said Ben Wojcikiewicz, AKBD, Director of Product Development and Brand Marketing at the Indiana Limestone Company.

Our Indiana Limestone Company pavers endured a rigorous series of challenges and threats including freeze and thaw conditions, wet and dry conditions, and hundreds of thousands of simulated footsteps. The freezing and thawing resistance testing demonstrated that our pavers retained nearly all their mass.

Additionally, our pavers showed no staining during tests on aggregate beds,  establishing that setting materials would not seep through and stain the properly damp-proofed pavers. To simulate typical residential pedestrian use, the Indiana Limestone pavers were also tested in fixtures on properly compacted aggregate bedding, applying 225 pounds of force, through 100,000 cycles without any negative effects observed.

Read the full report here.

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