No Silica Found In Indiana Limestone

Nov 10

Indiana Limestone Company’s cutting and finished operations dust production does not contain detectable levels of silica dust, as concluded in testing by Indiana Limestone Institute of America, Inc.

Therefore, the dust does not pose any silica-related health concerns or hazards. Ben Wojcikiewicz, Indiana Limestone Company Product Manager stated, “Health and safety is paramount in our operations. The lack of silica in Indiana limestone was great news for our mills, fabricator partners, and installers of our product.”

The Indiana Limestone Company has prepared a set of guide sheets to document that our products can be cut or milled without producing the detectable levels of silica dust. As OSHA’s silica rule is now fully enforced, it is important to know silica is not present in any color or grade of stone from our Victor or Oolitic quarries.


Required under OSHA regulations, Safety Data Sheets are now available here.

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