Indiana Limestone Company back at ASLA

Oct 08

The ASLA Annual Meeting and Expo is coming up in Los Angeles from October 20-23. Indiana Limestone Company is thrilled to be back to educate landscape architects about the value of our timeless and enduring natural stone products.

“Last year, we invested in a booth that could really showcase our product,” says Indiana Limestone Company Product Manager Ben Wojcikiewicz. “For landscape architects, we know experiencing the material is important and I think our booth delivers that. This year, aside from the physical samples, we’re focusing on upgrading the digital experience within our booth to include new products, more application information, and images to inspire this important group.”

Wojcikiewicz says he is excited to share knowledge of Indiana Limestone. “Our team is well versed on the many applications of our products and we can’t wait to walk landscape architects through our offerings for 2018 that could work for their business.”

The theme for this year’s expo is “Common Ground,” something Wojcikiewicz says landscape architects are sure to find with Indiana Limestone. “With an end-use/application-based lens, we looked at gaps in our line,” he says. “We settled on line extensions that deliver more on-trend designability with Indiana Limestone. One of the most exciting pieces for the design community is the availability of multiple textures on our paving and tread materials. We’re the first Indiana Limestone manufacturer to apply these to standard products as an option, which makes it more accessible for a broader range of types of projects – meaning shorter lead times and with less cost.”

Wojcikiewicz says the ASLA Annual Meeting and Expo offers two major benefits to Indiana Limestone. “We get to spend time with a very important group for us,” he says. “Indiana Limestone has been popular for a long time with the architectural community and is a fantastic option for landscapes and hardscapes.”

He says the other benefit is being able to show how Indiana Limestone is a cost-effective option. “As an industry-wide trend, we have benefited from efficiency gains with some levels of automation in production. In many cases, we are cost-competitive with cast alternatives and are happy to spread that message.”

Indiana Limestone is offering extensive educational resources at this year’s expo at Booth #141, including a Professional Practice Networks presentation on October 21 at 9:45 am.

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