Pool Coping Adds Timeless Element to Outdoor Hardscapes

Aug 17

A poolscape that is both functional and visionary is something you strive for when crafting the perfect outdoor addition to a home design. Finding the right material to surround a pool is paramount. It must be able to weather various climate changes and stay cool to the touch.

Photo courtesy Outdoor Stone Gallery, Newton, MA – custom pool coping

Urban Hardscapes by Indiana Limestone Pool Coping offers a sophisticated and durable alternative to cast stone.

Photo courtesy Christie Cut Stone Company, Arlington, TN – custom pool coping

Not only that, test results show our pool coping has high ratings for solar reflectance index (SRI), which is a composite measure that combines a surface’s solar reflectance and emittance. High SRI materials stay cooler in direct sunlight, meaning your customers’ feet won’t get burned between their deck chair and the pool.

Additionally, high SRI materials can reduce “heat island effect” in urban projects or those that have LEED performance requirements. Indiana Limestone’s pool coping and pavers perform at or better than LEED 2009 and v4 requirements pertaining to SRI.

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