Indiana Limestone Company Adds Rare Mavise Stone to Product Line

May 15

Nestled in a small, 8-acre section of the Victor Quarry is the newest product in Indiana Limestone Company’s catalog of timeless and durable natural stone. Mavise Stone, formed during the Mississippian Era, is now being quarried for use in your next interior design project.

This stone is ready to be fabricated into a one-of-a-kind product for interior finishes. Available in custom patterns, Indiana Limestone Company Mavise Stone contains the characteristics and structural integrity of a high-density material with a unique colorization.


Grace St. Loops Cathedral in Memphis, TN, is the first interior to use Mavise Stone. The architectural firm chose the patterned stone because of its beauty and because it was sourced in North America.

Mavise Stone offers a unique colorization, setting it apart from other Indiana Limestone products. Mavise Stone is a rare find and offers you a unique opportunity for design.

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