All About Garden Steppers

May 15

We know that you want to offer a durable and rugged landscaping product with natural beauty and our steppers add that to any landscaping project!

Our limestone steppers are in stock and easy to add into any landscape design. Some ideas include:

  • Building a charming bridge over your small pond or water feature
  • Creating a path around your garden
  • Adding layers of depth to a set of stairs

Our Garden Steppers come standard with a split front, back and ends and with a sawn top. Each step is 6” tall and 16” wide.

It’s easy to incorporate genuine Indiana Limestone into your designs, as we offer best-in-class turnaround times on all of our products. Garden Steppers are available in lengths of 3′, 4′, and 5′ . Steps are packaged on a pallet for easy unloading.

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