Upsizing Paving Patterns for a Premium and On-Trend Look

Feb 20

by Ben Wojcikiewicz, Indiana Limestone Company Product Manager

A lot of companies that make paving products can help you with paver patterns. In some cases, natural stone sizes may be larger and that may be dictated by manufacturing limitations in terms of keeping costs reasonable for clients (remember natural stone is carved from deposits, not created in a mold – each cut is effort and lost material).

The good news for natural stone is that starting in 2014, the industry saw trends starting to go toward larger pavers.

Say a homeowner falls in love with a look or a pattern. That pattern requires pavers of the dimensions:

  • 7-1/16″ x 3-9/16″
  • 7-1/16″ x 7-1/16″
  • 7-1/16″ x 10-5/8″

The natural stone product you have selected for them comes in the standard sizes:

  • 11 5/8″ x 23 5/8″
  • 23 5/8″ x 23 5/8″
  • 23 5/8″ x 35 5/8″

It’s obvious that the product won’t fit the pattern as a 1-to-1 replacement based on size, but the pattern can be scaled to accommodate the larger sizes by exploring the ratios of the sizes in the patterns.

Determining the Ratios:

This is easiest done by looking at the square size in the pattern and using that as your base unit size for the pattern. In the case of products above that is 7 1/16″ x 7 1/16″. If we consider that 1 unit of measure – the ratios of the first pattern are:

  • Dimension: 7-1/16″ x 3-9/16, Ratio: 1 Unit by 1/2 Unit
  • Dimension: 7-1/16″ x 7-1/16″, Ratio: 1 Unit by 1 Unit
  • Dimension: 7-1/16″ x 10-5/8″, Ratio: 1 Unit by appx. 1-1/2 UnitsSelecting the right sized paving to make the pattern:As long as the pavers you select have sizes available in the same ratio – you can achieve the same aesthetic with other sized products. The natural stone option referenced above can be used to lay the same pattern, but in a larger format. Example:
  • Dimension: 11 5/8″ x 23 5/8″, Ratio 1/2 Unit by 1 Unit
  • Dimension: 23 5/8″ x 23 5/8″, Ratio: 1 Unit by 1 Unit
  • Dimension: 23 5/8″ x 35 5/8″, Ratio 1 Unit by 1-1/2 UnitsShown above: Indiana Limestone Company Full Color Blend Pavers shown in a 3-size pattern named Modesto. Pavers are sizes referenced directly above. 

    Broader Application:Now that you know the principles, they can be applied to pretty much any pattern.

    Below is a traditional French pattern that has been scaled up to accommodate larger format pavers. The Original pattern’s smallest size was 8″ x 8″ and all other sizes were based on multiples of 8″ – Converting the smallest size to 12″ x 12″ and using multiples of twelve delivers the same pattern and overall aesthetic in a larger format.


    If the pattern your customer likes doesn’t fit your standard paving sizes, just scale it using this method and deliver a project they’ll love.

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